WELCOME.Let’s Get Cracking’


Family parties always meant two things:

a charcoal grill and lobsters

We enjoyed this tradition so much we decided to take this idea to the streets.
So we started at the OC Night Market 2014 with a truck full of lobsters, low expectations, and a pocket full of change.
After 3 days and hundreds of happy and satisfied customers, it turned out to be
a festival favorite!

We want to share our experience with you!

We can cater your next birthday, wedding, or even your next casual backyard BBQ! (We know you like to impress your friends.) There’s nothing like sharing a great time with family and friends over a plate of freshly grilled lobster.

Our Lobsters

We use only the finest wild-caught lobsters from Maine.

We bring them to you live and season them with the simplest and freshest herbs and spices.

Then, we grill them to tender and smoky perfection.
After a luscious basting of butter.

The Lobsterdamus process is complete!